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Looking for out-of-the-box therapy? Go beyond talk therapy

Tired of just getting by and finding new ways to distract or put a band-aid on situations, thoughts, or feelings that are causing distress to you or your child? You’re tired of these thoughts, feelings and situations re-occurring over and over again – and seem to be stuck in an endless cycle playing on repeat.

You feel as though your mind is always racing… you lie awake at night thinking or worrying and you (or your child) are finding it more and more difficult to focus on the task at hand. You notice that you (or your child) have a greater tendency to become agitated or angry more easily, and your frustration tolerance, in general, seems to have decreased.

The constant stress of your day to day life has become overwhelming. Maybe you are even starting to consider, or have decided, that medication is the only option for you (or your child) to find relief from the pain you are experiencing. You’re feeling “off”, but unsure where that feeling is coming from… your life feels unbalanced.

My name is Jennifer and I can help. I integrate therapy with a cutting edge tool called Neurofeedback that will help in gaining relief from symptoms you are experiencing in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

We all experience stress in our lives. But did you know that chronic and daily stress actually alters the structure of our brains? Stress can come from many different sources: poor diet or nutrition concerns, physical ailments or disease, emotional and behavioral stress, trauma, school or work challenges, and the high demands of day-to-day living are just a few examples of what can cause dysregulated brain waves. Brain waves out of balance can then lead to other physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that can affect how we function daily.

Neurofeedback is a brain training program that helps the brain self regulate for optimal functioning. The process is painless, non-invasive, and widely recognized as a safe, complementary, and alternative method to address many common physical, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

If you are ready to stop the endless cycle and to regain control over your life, I can help. Using more traditional therapeutic strategies or by integrating Neurofeedback into our sessions, I will help you or your child to gain clarity, control, and greater happiness in your life.

Call me or fill out the contact form for your free 15-minute phone consultation and we can discuss which option may be the best fit for you and your situation.

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